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About the Book


These web pages have been created to present an alternative approach to the treatment of cancer. These pages offer information only and none of the content should be construed as constituting an effective treatment for any individual person or as a 'cure' for any complaint. This detailed information given is in the interest of promoting more active research and
enquiry into the nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic approaches

to the alleviation, control and therapy of cancer.

Serious interest in the potential for nutritional medicine in cancer therapy is more than justified by the severe limitations of current forms of cancer treatment with orthodox medicine.
Although there is much that these therapies can achieve, huge numbers of patients are being left eventually with no further treatment options and go on to die.

Moreover, there have been repeated and widespread accounts in the scientific and medical literature that nutritional factors powerfully influence the development and growth of cancer. Many would say that, given the full weight of scientific evidence, the health professions have been very remiss in not carefully investigating the potential power of nutrition as cancer treatment. Given this potential, the determination to avoid investigating it seems tantamount to letting the public down.

Dr. Lawrence Plaskett is a biochemist, medical researcher, food industry expert, practitioner of nutritional, herbal and homoeopathic medicine and founder of the prestigious Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College. His methods are both science-based and naturopathic and he is noted for producing a synthesis of these approaches. For 30 years his advice was sought after by cancer-sufferers wishing to practice the best possible nutrition, even though he never promised or implied specific results.

Recently Dr. Plaskett reviewed and recorded the scientific research literature that bears upon the influences of nutrition upon cancer. He distilled the outcomes into a protocol for cancer-sufferers

(which became known as the "Plaskett Therapy") that combines together "state-of-the-art" nutritional measures expected to influence cancer.

The results are in his published articles, an article written especially for these web pages, and his book

"The Nutritional Therapy of Cancer".                                          


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